Thursday, November 4, 2010

Street Sweeper Social Club.

"Boots Riley and Tom Morello make an exceptional duo!" 

Street Sweeper Social Club is a band created by Boots Riley and lead guitarist from a band called Rage Against the Machines, Tom Morello, as a project of expression. Both these men have joined together to create a metal sound, usually their songs and lyrics to talk about the homeless and the life outside the world we live in. 

A song that I truly enjoy from this band, has to be their song known to be as "The Oath."

"The Oath"
I pledge
To get their foot off my neck
I shall demand my respect
I'll fight
Even if I won't win
The beginning is the end
I pledge
To make the bosses cringe
Instead we'll get some justified ends
I'll fight
Til the system is gone
This ex-losers song...

To me this song refers to how our world currently lives. I believe that the lyrics are usually telling us about how people are getting stepped on by the people in the higher chairs. To me, it's about revolting and rebelling for what is right. This song has many meanings behind it, and it's whatever you like to choose as it's hidden meaning. (:

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