Friday, November 12, 2010


"Puscifer" is a band created by lead vocalist from the band "Tool." The lead singer is known to be a Maynard Keenan. Yes, I've spoken of him before (: (Note: Check back to A Perfect Circle in previous blog  post. ) Well, today I'll be talking about his song called "Pray." The reason I enjoy this song is because of the vibe Keenan gives in his song. Its also a very sexual song! It's not something that you usually get in metal bands such as his but in this one, the vibe he gives gets this feeling of excitement!

Jesus is risen, it's no surprise
Even he would martyr his mama,
To ride to hell between those thighs
(Who wouldn't?)
The pressure is building
At the base of my spine
If I gotta sin to see her again
Then I'm gonna lie and lie and lie...

I do recommend this band and this song. It will really captivate you and intrigue you. I promise you that it will remain in your head and repeat over and over again! ;D

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