Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Music; Introduction to Katatonia!

"Katatonia" is a Swedish metal band that has just recently released an Ep (Extended Play) which is known as, "The Longest Year."  The songs that I really like from this band has to be "My Twin" and "I am Nothing." What I love about this band is their really dark melodies. They give you a melancholy tone but yet, it's vibrant. Their lyrics are great. A sample being:

"My Twin"
You used to be like my twin
And all that's been
Was it all for nothing
Are you strong when you’re with him
The one that’s placed you above us all...

What I love about this song is that they begin slow with the lead vocalist beginning with the saddest tone and as soon as it hits the chorus, the beat becomes alive and huge! The drums and guitar being he most hearable and contagious sound. (: You should listen to this band! It's great!

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