Friday, October 29, 2010

A Perfect Circle in Concert!:D

"Maynard is back with APC and this is a MUST SEE SHOW!!!!" 

I was online just now on 98.7 F, which if you do not know is radio station for Rock-A-Holics. I was just looking around, checking their calendars and upcoming events. One thing that caught my attention was that A Perfect Circle will be playing November 8th in Hollywood! :D 

If you do not know of  the band A Perfect Circle, it is made of the lead guitarist and vocalist Maynard Keenan.  He is apart of a band known to be as TOOL and is in different bands, those being his own projects he has developed over the years. He belongs to A Perfect Circle and to another being Puscifer. He is a really talented man who goes into Alternative Rock and Alternative Metal and goes deep into his music. 

He is a really known man and knowing that he will be playing in Hollywood just makes me get pumped! (: I wish I could attend the show, but sadly, I have other things to assist too. I hope to see them perform again. or soon.

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